Discography - Complete List of Songs by Album


The Strong In Spirit (1988 Grace Avenue Records, Re-released 1994 Prime-CD)

1. Brothers
2. Leather and Lace
3. Let Me Fall in Love Before the Spring Comes
4. All the Wood of Lebanon
5. Sailing To The New World
6. The Strong In Spirit
7. Rising Moon
8. Soweto
9. I Knew A Boy
10. Song of Florence
11. Get the Word


Barehanded (1991 Grace Avenue Records, Re-released 1993 Prime-CD)

1. Bring Stones
2. Thread City
3. America Redux
4. Emily (instrumental)
5. Carrie
6. Camel Filters
7. Quiet Of The Night
8. Watertowers
9. Jerusalem
10. A Wedding Song
11. Snow, Grain, Stone
12. The Road & The Rose
13. Hugh's 30th B'day Party


Mozart's Money (1996 Prime-CD)

1. Mozart's Money 3:15
2. Raphael 3:48
3. Waiting for the Good Humor Man 2:28
4. This Mountain 3:44
5. Talking Island 2:05
6. Mr. Rain 3:22
7. Main Street Sky 3:54
8. What If You Do Nothing 2:46
9. Sweet October 1:18
10. Sparrowhawk 4:11
11. Blizzard 4:28
12. Friends of a Traveler 4:20
13. The Visit 2:00
14 . When Hiroshima Comes to Disneyland


Rocket Science (1998 Prime-CD)

Shoot the Moon 3:59
The Snail 2:43
Saxton's River 3:05
Wormwood Hill 3:36
Hands & Feet 3:30
Is This Enough (J. Mercik) 4:37
Longhaired Radical Socialist Jew 3:32
     (The Gospel Song)
Zhang Jingsheng 5:59
Mighty Quiet (instr.) 3:09
Why Am I Awake 3:35
No Secret Castle (A. Calhoun) 3:03
I Only Sing About Love 2:53 


Big Red (2000 Brambus)

Big Red
King of Chicago
Bring Stones
Shoot the Moon
Did You Hear the Rain?
Where's Marlene?
Snow Grain Stone
The Raven
Paul Cezanne (T. Meltzer)
Just Say the Word
Loony @ The Muni


Mr Jekyll & Dr Hyde (2000-2003)
(basement tapes, bootlegs and live performances)

Shadow Government
George the Third
Hole In the Sky
when hiroshima comes to disneyland
Long-Haired Radical Socialist Jew
lacrimae laramie (song for Matthew Shepard)
How Long
Talking Hypothetical American Pastime Blues (The Baseball Song)
John Wayne (Was A Thespian)
Southern Baptist
Bill's Dick
Tinkie Winkie
This Mountain ( FND debut live performance)
Quiet of the Night
America Redux

Dad (2010 Waterbug)

Welcome to the World
NICU @ Nite
Cradle Song
Rock You
Sail On Little Sailor
I Knew a Boy
Daddy I'm Awake
Cry Little Guy
Wonder Wonder Why
Daddy's Got You Now
Sad Hard Dream
Sleep Sarah Sleep
Till the Morning
You Gotta Have Coffee
My Little Boy's Moon


Fast Folk Musical Magazine (the CooP)
1983 SE201 (1st Anniversary Issue): "The Strong In Spirit"
1984 FF109 "Sailing to the New World"
1985 FF201 "Rising Moon"
1986 FF302 "Hillsong" (by Bonnie Burns) duet with Diane Chodkowski
1983 SE207 "Holy Moses"
1988 FF405-406 (6th Anniversary) "Brothers"
1989 FF407 "America the Beautiful"
1990 FF503 "Carrie" (Live from the Bottom Line)
1992 FF509 "Dreaded Phenomenology Singalong" (by Mitch Fitzko) Live from the Postcrypt Coffeehoouse
1992 FF510 "Bring Stones" (Live from the Bottom Line)
1992 FF604 "Watertowers" (10th Anniversary, Fast Folk Revue, Live at the Bottom Line)

Fast Folk/Smithsonian Folkways
Fast Folk: A Community of Songwriters (2002), "Raphael" (from the Fast Folk Revue)

Postcrypt: "Brothers"
The Song Poets (5th anniversary collection): "Shoot the Moon"
Big League Babe Vol. II (tribute: songs of Christine Lavin): "The Kind of Love You Never Recover From" Duet with Dar Williams

Waterbug Records
American Impressionist Songwriters Vol. 2 (Waterbug, 1997): "Talking Island"
Election 2004 Anti-Theft Device (Waterbug, 2004): "George the Third"

Folk Next Door, (WWUH Live Concert Series, University of Hartford)
1992 The Folk Next Door: #1: "Waiting for the Good Humor Man"
1993 Honey Hide the Banjo: Folk Next Door 2: "Friends of a Traveler"
1995 Local Color: FND #4: "Mozart's Money"
1998 May Day: FND#7: "Bill's Dick"
Home for the Holidays with the Folk Next Door: "Kosher for Christmas" (aka "Red Diaper Baby Jesus" aka "Longhaired Radical Socialist Jew", "New Coventry Carol," "This Mountain" (Live Premiere)

On A Winter's Night (Rounder), "Let Me Fall In Love Before the Spring Comes"
Performing Songwriter: Editor's Choice #1, "Hugh's 30th B'Day Party"
WCBE (Columbus, OH) Mixx on the Fly #5, Live from Studio A: "Mozart's Money"
Diamond Cuts #8 "Talking Hypothetical American Pastime Blues"
Global Peace, "Rocket Science"